Welcome to our happy space!

As the Happy Baby Company, it's our mission to spread happiness across South Africa. We know that our range of nappies, pants and wipes keep babies dry, protected and happy, but there's more to a happy baby than a dry bum.
So we set out in search of South Africa's happiest babies
to bring real happiness to you!


Watch South Africa's Happiest Babies in Action

There's nothing more infectious than a baby's laugh; nothing more heart-warming than a baby's smile.

It's instant happiness. We knew it was up to us to bring this happiness into South African homes.

So we set out on a 3-day expedition to find the best giggles, squeals and baby gobbledygook in all the land,

and capture real happiness in action!








finding the sound of Happiness

It's one thing to put smiling, wriggling babies bursting with happiness on TV, but how do you spread happiness over the radio.

It was a challenge, but we took it up eagerly by collecting some of the best baby sounds we could find and send them out

over the East Coast Radio air waves. Take a listen...





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