Chores teach more than how to help around the house

27 Jun 2018

Chores are a great developmental tool to use with your child. Not only do chores teach your little one how to help around the house, but they help build self-esteem and self-reliance.  

As the saying goes, “never do any task for your kid that the kid can do for himself.” Unfortunately, when parental patience is running short, this sentiment can often be easier said than done. Rounding up the troops, to help with house work should be a fun exercise rather than a necessity to help you, the drowning parents.

Being able to demonstrate to children at a young age that “In this family we work together, we help one another out” is a great beginning to something considerably greater; your children’s own self-esteem. The skills of taking care of themselves; developing responsibility, empathy, cooperation and self-reliance can all be developed through simple household chores.

And listen to this: Your child will ultimately grow up to become well-adjusted. According to, when children are given jobs to do when they are younger, they will develop confidence in their ability to complete tasks. 

The great thing is that beginning early is so easy; toddlers love to help and they love to imitate their brave, handy and amazing parents. Here are a few guidelines of simple chores that your child is able to do through the different stages of their early childhood:


  • Put away toys
  • Put away clean clothes with a little assistance
  • Carry dirty laundry and put it in the laundry basket.

3-year olds

  • Pick up dirty laundry
  • Help set the table
  • Wipe down spills
  • Match clean socks together

4-year olds

  • Clearing dishes from the table