Too hot or too cold: Tips for dressing your baby

12 Nov 2018

When dressing your baby, always remember that layers and clothes that breathe are your two best friends. There is no doubt that gauging the weather can be a challenge, but you may be even more concerned with the arrival of your new born baby.

Dressing up your baby to keep them warm in the cold and toasty in the chilly night air is one of the many challenges that come with a new born. To help make this job a little easier, here are some tips and tricks that will keep you from bundling your bundle of joy in too many layers.

Body temperature

In the first year of baby’s life they will not have developed an internal temperature regulator, so it’s a good idea to check on baby from time to time to gauge whether they’re feeling too hot or possibly a little cold. This can be done by feeling the back of their neck. A warm neck indicates that baby is comfortable. A sweaty neck indicates that the blanket or a layer of clothing should be removed to make baby more comfortable. Don’t forget that it’s actually a couple of degrees warmer for baby in the stroller than it is outside.

Heat rash

What your baby won’t be able to tell you is that too many layers will make them feel uncomfortable and could result in an even more uncomfortable heat rash. Fortunately, loosening their clothes will help the rash clear up.

Breathable clothes

Dress baby in breathable fabrics such as cotton and avoid tight clothes or clothes made from synthetic materials because they can cause baby to become sweaty and hot.


Make sure to dress baby in layers that are able to be easily removed when the weather starts to warm up. The convenience of taking each layer off as the temperature rises is invaluable.