Redefine your label

11 Mar 2020

We all come with two sets of labels: ones that we give ourselves and ones that others give us. While we’ll never be able to control how others see us, we can certainly control how we see ourselves –and how we present ourselves to the world.

We all have things that we would either like to change or improve. That’s normal, and often it forces us to grow and learn. But there is always that fine line between self-improvement and trying to please others to fit in with societal norms. Why do we care so much about what others think of us?

Feeling accepted by others is important for giving us a sense of purpose and belonging. The flip side of that is if we don’t feel accepted by others, we feel judged, inferior and like there is something wrong with us. This wreaks havoc on one’s self-esteem. But being different is not a bad thing; the only challenge is learning to embrace it.

Sarah Jane Wicks, councillor at Witkoppen Clinic and facilitator of the latest moms’ support session, says that the only label we need to worry about is our own.

“The only person that can truly judge you is yourself. When you are able to stand in your own truth, you begin to love being in your own skin. But this is something that takes time and achieved in small steps,” said Wicks.

Murray Booth, Marketing Executive at Cuddlers, believes that magical things happen when women come together in support of one another.

“This group offers a place where moms can come together and figure out what their new journey is all about without any judgement,” said Booth.

Support sessions are sponsored by Cuddlers, Witkoppen Clinic and the Fourways Review, under the banner of Caxton Cares. The sessions are bi-monthly on Thursdays, with the next session taking place on 26 March at 10:00am at the Witkoppen Clinic, 105 William Nicol Drive, Fourways.

For more details, WhatsApp Fhumulani Makhera on 065 936 0559.