Moms, embrace your uniqueness

12 Feb 2020

We are all unique in a multitude of ways, but often people resist what is different and what they don’t understand. They make those round pegs in square holes feel bad for not being the same.  


At the Witkoppen Clinic mothers’ support group, the moms were reminded that every peg of every shape and size should take their differences in their stride.


Sarah Jane Wicks, councillor at Witkoppen Clinic and facilitator of the session, encouraged the moms to share something that they like about themselves that made them unique.


“We need to accept, understand and appreciate all the things that make us unique. We need to stop comparing ourselves to other moms. We all are different and our children are different too. Be the very best mom and version of yourself with the resources that you have,” said Wicks.


Wicks encouraged the moms to come up with, or decide on, a mantra to repeat every day until the next session. Some of the inspiring mantras included:


  • I am special
  • I am blessed
  • I am made for a purpose
  • Be the change you want to see
  • If it’s to be, it’s up to me


Murray Booth, Marketing Executive at Cuddlers, says that embracing our talents and uniqueness is a strong foundation for growth.


“This too, like so many things, is about balance. It is not to say that by accepting who we are we must become stagnant and comfortable, but rather use that as your foundation for growth. One cannot move forward unless we know where we are and where we have been,” said Booth.


Support sessions are sponsored by Cuddlers, Witkoppen Clinic and the Fourways Review, under the banner of Caxton Cares. The sessions are bi-monthly on Thursdays, with the next session taking place on 20 February at 10:00am at the Witkoppen Clinic, 105 William Nicol Drive, Fourways.


For more details, WhatsApp Fhumulani Makhera on 065 936 0559.