The challenge of starting a career or changing to a new one.

14 Nov 2019

Most of us have an idea of what kind of career we want to be in. Beginning a brand-new career – especially if you’re a new mom – can be tough, but it all starts with a small step. Jobs usually don’t just fall into your lap, either. Nowadays, you have to make things happen – especially to get ahead in the working world.


At a recent support session for moms held at Witkoppen Clinic, the topic of venturing into a new job or career came up – as well as the six things moms need to ask themselves before sending out that C.V, namely:


  1. Does this job suit my personality?
  2. Do I have the skills? If not, how can I gain those skills?
  3. Do I have any experience? If not, how can I get more exposure in that industry?
  4. Do I have the finances – for travel to the workplace or to study to gain the skills needed?
  5. What are my strengths and how can I use them to the highest advantage?
  6. What are my weaknesses? Can they be overcome? If so, how?


These support sessions not only aim to bring women together in a safe space where they can share their stories, opinions and advice, but they also aim to get the moms on a path to learning soft skills like how to build their confidence, set goals and, of course, how to choose a career path.


Murray Booth, Marketing Executive at Cuddlers, expresses the importance of an initiative like this.


“We have seen these wonderful women grow in confidence with each session. It has been great to be part of helping and uplifting these mothers. But we want to make sure that they remain strong after leaving the sessions, and that is why providing them with important skills like choosing and planning a career path is so important,” said Booth.


Fhumulani Makhera, the social auxiliary worker at Witkoppen Health and Welfare Centre, works very closely with moms from all walks of life.


“Motherhood changes everything: your body, your lifestyle, and your priorities. This support group allows the mothers to pause, regroup, share, and learn,” said Makhera.


Support sessions are sponsored by Cuddlers, Witkoppen Clinic and the Fourways Review, under the banner of Caxton Cares. The sessions are bi-monthly on Thursdays, with the next session taking place on 21 November 2019 at 10:00am at the Witkoppen Clinic, 105 William Nicol Drive, Fourways.


For more details, WhatsApp Fhumulani Makhera on 065 936 0559.