Preparing for pregnancy and motherhood

13 Sep 2019

Being a mom can be overwhelming. Most of the time, the only way moms learn about pregnancy and childcare is through trial and error. That’s unless they can get the knowledge straight from the experts – but as we know, that usually comes at a cost.

Cuddlers, along with Kamano Wellness and Baby Suite in Mahikeng, believe that new moms should feel empowered, instead of overwhelmed when it comes to motherhood. That’s why they have partnered up to create a space for moms to come together to support each other, while also being able to learn vital childcare skills from the professionals themselves.

At the most recent session, moms (and moms-to-be) were treated to a delicious lunch at Protea Hotel Mahikeng while they learnt techniques from various experts on the following topics:

• Parenting/Co-parenting styles
• How to massage your baby and the benefits
• The importance of diet while pregnant and breastfeeding
• Tips to ease backache during the later stages of pregnancy

The women were encouraged to look and feel their best by taking part in a competition for the best-dressed mom, in which the winner received a hamper of:

• Cuddlers wipes, nappies and pants 
• A free massage session for their little one
• Two free paediatrician visits


Two expectant mothers also received Cuddlers wipes, a free 7-10 day check-up with a midwife (Sr Victoria Seleka) for both mother and baby, as well as many other goodies.

Murray Booth, the marketing executive at Cuddlers – the happy baby company – was moved by the excitement of the moms. “We know the struggles and stresses moms go through, so we are glad to be able to give back to all these hard-working moms,” said Booth.

Sister Winnie Dimakatso Victoria Seleka, the head nurse and midwife at Kamano Wellness and Baby Suite, works very closely with many moms in the Mahikeng community and receives a surplus of questions from anxious mothers every day. “I have been so excited to host these sessions so that moms can be put at ease through professional advice. It’s also a great platform for the moms to come together in support of one another,” said Seleka.

Cuddlers and Kamano Wellness and Baby Suite are dedicated to empowering all mothers and aim to give them the tools they need to look after and care for their children properly. They invite all moms and moms-to-be to attend future sessions where they will learn about pregnancy and childcare, and everything in-between. 


These sessions take place every quarter with the next in November 2019 at The Kamano Wellness and Baby Suite, 21 North Street, Mahikeng.
Registration fee: R50
Details: Sister Vee 063 137 7848