Essential baby hacks to simplify your life

7 Oct 2020

New to parenting and have no idea what you’re doing? Welcome to the club! We’ve often heard that parenting doesn’t come with a manual, and it still holds true – new parents definitely have to wing it once baby comes home! We’re here to tell you that there are a number of tips and tricks to help ease you into your new role, however. Here’s a list of some great baby hacks (which will definitely make your life easier): 

Our top tips for new parents

• Use breast milk as nose drops – it works just as well as saline for a blocked nose.  

• White noise can send some babies into a deep sleep – try a fan outside the room or put the tumble-dryer on. You can also download white noise apps for your phone and hook it up to a Bluetooth speaker. 

• Make a fascinating toy for baby by three-quarters filling an old soft drink bottle with coloured water, glitter and beads. Secure the lid safely. 

• A junior toothbrush makes a great gum soother during teething, and introduces your child to the idea of brushing their new teeth. 

• Give baby medicine by squirting it into the back of their mouth with a plastic syringe, or through a teat. 

• Ripped nappy tab? Simply attach a plaster or some duct tape instead of throwing the nappy away.

• To help make late-night changes easier, layer baby’s bed sheets: bottom layer needs to be a waterproof sheet, then add a second waterproof sheet, and so on. 

• Lie breast-milk bags flat when you put them in the freezer (don’t stand them up so they bulk out on the sides). This will help them defrost a lot faster under hot water (they also take up less space in the freezer).

• Baby starting solids? Just put a shower-curtain liner or a cheap plastic covering under their high chair for quick cleaning up. 

Being a new parent is challenging but there are ways to make the early days easier. You’ll also discover what works for you and baby as you go. We hope that these tips help!