When potty-training isn't working

19 Sep 2019

Your toddler may be at the right age and show some signs of being ready to start potty-training, but it may not always be the case.

If your little one refuses to go to the toilet, continue with nappies for a little longer. Potty-training is a dual decision between you and your child. If they are not ready, no amount of pressure is going to help the process. In fact, it will likely have the opposite effect as they will then associate potty-training with a negative experience and avoid it where possible. Instead, put the process on hold for a couple of weeks and then try it again. 

When your little one does get it right, make sure that you make a big deal in praising them. Toddlers love praise and will often try and repeat the actions that got them the praise in the first place.

Toddlers don’t often poop in the potty right away. This could be due to various reasons. Either they don’t know how to use the right muscles to push while sitting down, or they may be scared of the noise or falling into the toilet or the potty. Whatever the reason may be for your toddler, continue to try. Have breaks in-between if it’s not working, and encourage them without nagging or forcing them.

Accidents will happen. Expect them and try to prepare for them as much as possible. Whatever you do, do not scold, tease or punish your toddler, especially in public. It could be that they are having so much fun that they either prefer to ignore it or don’t even realise until it is too late. No toddler wants to miss out on all the fun just to go to the toilet.

Keep a change of clothing and Cuddlers Pants handy when your child is out and about. Cuddlers Pants are a great product to use while your little one is potty-training – giving your little one a comfy underwear fit while still keeping them dry in case accidents happen.

Your toddler may take longer than others to become fully toilet trained but don’t let that get you down, it will happen. It just takes a little patience and encouragement.