Avoid alcohol while pregnant, here's why:

8 May 2018

There are many different opinions regarding consuming alcohol while pregnant. While there are sentiments which do not discourage it completely, the general synopsis is that while you are pregnant you should stay away from alcohol. The reason for this is because nobody knows how much alcohol one can drink before it harms your baby.

Did you know that while your baby is in your womb, it consumes the same percentage of alcohol that you do while pregnant? When you have one glass of wine, you may not feel anything. However, that glass of wine will have an effect on your tiny human – remember that you are a grown-up weighing much more than the baby growing inside you.

We also know that alcohol affects the development of babies. Children who are born with alcohol-related damage often suffer from deformities, have learning difficulties and can be very small or underweight, which puts pressure on their tiny organs.

So why risk it? Say no to alcohol when you’re pregnant and be on the safe side. After all, we all want to have healthy and happy babies. For more information about the risks of drinking alcohol while pregnant or for any advice regarding the subject, consult with your doctor or GP.