Parent pick me up - The key to a mom's confidence

18 Apr 2018

Back in 1946 Doctor Spock, a well-known paediatrician at the time, said, “The key to a mom’s confidence is to trust yourself; you know more than you think you do.” Believe it or not, this advice still rings true today.

Although it may seem like a really simple solution to all the doubts that are probably going through your mind, it really is as easy as that. Trust yourself when it comes to your baby because you actually know more than you think. While this sounds easy – Cuddlers understands that all parents need a boost of confidence every once in a while because parenting is a difficult task!

Here are a few things to remember, when you are feeling down and need a bit of a pick me up:

  • You are a great parent and your baby thinks you’re the best one, no doubt
  • Fake it till you make it –little babies are easy to fool, so if you ever feel insecure or unsure just pretend
  • When your baby is screaming and you have no idea why, speak slower and softly – it will help calm both of you down
  • People are always going to want to give you advice. While this might be a kind gesture, which opens up your mind to new methods, always remember that you are the parent and your parenting needs to work for you and your child
  • Lose the audience – if it feels like you’re getting nervous and overwhelmed, stay at home. When you are anxious it only upsets your baby
  • Beware of competitive friends. If you can’t manage to switch off from the chatter or if it’s difficult not to care about all the comparing, just scale back on your socialising until you feel confident enough to be in the environment
  • Do not forget to take care of yourself and recharge your batteries. A boosts can be an hour or two, or a day, on your own. Everyone needs some time to catch up and breathe
  • Spread yourself thicker – it’s ok for a mom to be a little more helpless and inaccessible from time to time. You don’t have to be on call every minute, picking up toys or tending to every need. No one has suffered from waiting a second or two. If it’s an emergency, you will know right away
  • If something worked great for you before and now it seems like you need to try something else, do not be afraid to try something new. You and your baby are constantly developing together; change is not something bad, on the contrary – it’s smart.

Don’t fall for bad parent syndrome. Always remember that you are an awesome parent, the best according to your baby. He or she doesn’t want anyone else, period.