You are your child’s favourite toy

10 Apr 2018

There are so many ideas and opinions on the Internet focused around inspiring children to play – it can become a bit overwhelming. As parents we only want the best for our children and we don’t want our children to fall behind in their development because of the toys and games that they play with. The truth is, you shouldn’t have to buy expensive toys for your child because you already have everything you need at home to build and shape small imaginations.

You have wonderful toys in your drawers and cupboards, you just need to use a bit of creativity to discover their use. Baking tins, wooden spoons and plastic utensils can be easily transformed into magic wands or lightsabres while jars and spoons can become wonderful musical instruments. You may have to pop in a pair of earplugs if the bashing and banging becomes too much, but the options for imaginative play are endless If the noise becomes too much, remember that you are your child’s favourite toy and the noise can come to an end, if you simply change the game. Nursery rhymes, songs and finger games are always a good idea with mom and dad. Your child has a desire to develop and has the ability to take in anything that you expose them to. Look at pictures, read a books, or take a bath together and they are bound to learn something. You will come to cherish the time you spent talking, playing and developing together.