Vegetarian and pregnant: this is what your body needs

12 Apr 2017

Mums-to-be need to be vigilant about getting enough protein and iron as the precious baby inside them begins to grow.

Protein plays a big role in the varied diet pregnant women require, because it is vital to a baby’s growth and development. Getting enough protein can be challenging for vegetarian mums-to-be, but it is not impossible. Here are a few tips to help make sure you and baby stay healthy and strong throughout the pregnancy.

While most people know meat is a rich protein source, you can also get your protein from milk, cheese, eggs, soy milk, tofu, cereals, nuts and pulses. Your baby needs various kinds of protein, so make sure you eat a wide selection from various food groups. It is important to consult your doctor, do your research and ensure you and your growing baby is getting all the proteins you need.


Good sources of dietary iron are wholemeal cereal products, pulses, leafy green vegetables, olives and dried fruit.


If you do not eat dairy products, it’s a good idea to take calcium supplements. Talk to your midwife, obstetrician or general practitioner about this.

Multivitamin tablets

It’s great to take a multivitamin tablet every day, regardless of whether you´re a vegetarian or not. If you choose one of the supplements made specifically for pregnant women; you will receive the recommended doses of folic acid and vitamin D in your tablet. It can be quite difficult to get a sufficient amount of these nutrients through food alone.

For more information on body nutrition and pregnancy, we recommend speaking to your doctor, clinic sister, or other specialised health-care provider.