You are not alone in your attempt to become a parent

12 Mar 2017

but anyone who has been down this road will tell you, ‘not thinking about it is impossible’.

Month after month you and your partner try, you’re making love like there’s no tomorrow (although, it’s not always fun when it just MUST be tonight) and nothing happens! The usual advice from well-meaning friends and family is to not think about it. Interesting advice, you may think, but how can you not think about it when you spend most of your waking hours thinking about ovulation and menstruation – because you so want to get pregnant. You want to be a parent!

The Cuddlers team want you to know that you are not alone in your attempts to become a parent. We understand your frustrations, sadness, resent, pain and anger.  

For years, you probably used contraceptives and maybe even worried about getting pregnant – but now, when it’s full speed ahead and there are no obstacles, nothing happens.

There is no right or wrong answer as to how you should be coping in your attempt to become a parent. Some people rely on the support of friends and family while others keep their decisions to themselves. You need to do what is best for you – in the long run, the people around you will understand why you made the decision you did.

For those that want the support, but have chosen not to let friends and family know about their decision, Cuddlers suggests seeking out online support groups. There are so many women who are going through the same or similar emotions. Sometimes finding that connection and having a non-judgemental group to listen to your story, and for you to hear theirs, can help.

Contacting a GP or specialist can also help if you feel you need to talk about your emotions or seek assistance.

As a rule of thumb, you should wait at least a year before approaching a gynaecologist however, if you and your partner are concerned and want to seek out advice earlier – there is nothing wrong with that.