Potty training – how to start

10 Jun 2019

Is your little one able to tell when they need to wee or poo? If they are, it may be the perfect time to start saying goodbye to nappies. Don’t throw them away just yet; it is not going to happen overnight … but you can start taking the first few steps to start encouraging your little one a bit. 
Here are a few tips to get you started: 

It’s always a good idea to keep a potty handy for when your toddler starts to show signs that they are ready to start toilet training. If you don’t have a potty, there are plenty to choose from in all different shapes and sizes. 

Introduce your toddler to the potty and try to get him/her to sit on it. If nothing happens, don’t worry. Your child will only understand the link between the signals of their body and the potty when something eventually lands up in the potty. Pay close attention! You will soon pick up on the signals that your toddler will show when they need to ‘go’.
When this starts to happen, hurry to the potty. 

The most likely time to get results is right after they have eaten or woken up. Here’s a simple trick: take off their nappy after a nap and keep them occupied with a game, a toy or a story while having them sit on the potty.

Once they have made the connection between weeing or pooing and the potty, start asking them at regular intervals if they need to ‘go on the potty’. Be careful not to be too insistent when asking. If the answer yes, you will need to hurry. In the beginning, toddlers do not always understand the urge to wee or poo and having to wait until they are sitting on the potty.
As your toddler understands more and more what the signals of their body mean, they will be able to communicate this with you better. 

Here are some things to always keep in mind:
• Never scold, punish or tease your child. Accidents will happen from time to time
• Praise success. Your toddler loves praise and, more often than not, they will act on the things that brought them praise in the first place
• Don’t start too early. It will happen eventually but don’t pressure your toddler, it will just end up frustrating you both
• Ensure that the potty is close by – so they are able to make it to the potty on their own
• Let your child see you go to the toilet. It may seem strange at first but toddlers love copying adults. Let them see how it’s done
• Most importantly, relax and be patient. Don’t obsess over it; it will happen, eventually.

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