Maternity wear – necessity or not to worry?

19 Apr 2019

It’s normal to feel like you’ll need a completely new pregnancy wardrobe, but try to hold off on buying new clothes because you probably won’t need them until much later.

Pregnancy usually brings to mind images of ostentatious bows and frills, oversized clothes and flowy dresses which may not appeal to everyone. That may have been the case in your grandmother’s heyday, but it’s no longer the norm.

There are a number of popular brands that cater to the needs of pregnant women in a trendy way and there are even more pregnancy boutiques popping up for expectant moms. Now more than ever, you can acceptably don the latest fashions during your nine months before baby arrives.

What you should keep in mind when you fall pregnant is that your normal clothes will still work for you for a long time. You never know how your body will grow during pregnancy so it’s better to work with what you have until the need for new clothes arises.

You can also continue to buy normal clothes, but opt for items that are longer, more stretchy and elasticated. Jeggings will start to be a good substitute for your jeans, you can start to buy trousers and skirts with elasticated waist bands and look for longer tops that will continue to cover your belly as it expands.

The rule of thumb for maternity wear is that you shouldn’t buy it unless you absolutely need it. Maternity wear – like baby clothes – are items that won’t fit for a long time. Rather than spending money on a full maternity wardrobe that you’ll have to give away once you’ve given birth, choose to buy versatile pieces that will still work even after your baby has arrived.