Beware of the medication you take while pregnant

1 Mar 2019

As a pregnant woman or the partner of a pregnant woman, you know there are a number of foods you can no longer eat, but it’s also important to remember that there are medications you can’t take either.

Especially during the early months, when your baby bump is not that clear, remember to always notify health professionals who are administering medication to you that you are pregnant. There is no exception to this rule unfortunately, so whether speaking to your doctor, dentist, herbalist, chemist, getting natural remedies or anybody else who is prescribing substances of any kind, you need to let them know.

This does not only apply to medicines that you ingest, it is the rule of thumb for any type of treatment that you’re receiving. Your obstetrician, midwife or family doctor should always be consulted before you take on any new treatments or medications.

Don’t forget about the medications you may have been on before you fell pregnant. Yes, even though you were on them before – or maybe even all your life – it’s crucial to let your doctor know that you are now pregnant. They may need to stop the medication, reduce or increase the dosage, or even put you on a different medication that is acceptable for your baby too.

All of these rules are also applicable after birth, while you’re breastfeeding your baby. Everything that you ingest passes into the breast milk and into your baby. This includes alcohol, medication and even natural medicines, so it’s best to steer clear of the liquor and consult your healthcare professional before taking any medication.

Remember that whatever you’re doing once you are pregnant, will be affecting two people – you and your baby – so make sure that you always consider what would be good for both of you. Always remember to consult your healthcare professional.