Burping your baby is an art you should master

25 Oct 2018

Burping your baby is an important part of feeding because it’s while eating that they may swallow air, possibly get a tummy ache and need to burp.

Unfortunately your bundle of joy cannot yet communicate with you and so you’ll need to read the tell-tale signs of a gassy baby. They may show the need to burp through restlessness or seeming full even if they haven’t been feeding for too long.

How to burp

Simply support your baby firmly and gently rub your hand up and down their back until they are able to burp.

Sometimes it is enough just to lift your baby up from a troublesome position to get a good burp.

How to prevent swallowing of air

If your baby seems to have gas while feeding, try to burp them during feeding, but if they seem to be swallowing a lot of air, it may be because they are not latching on properly. Try to get your baby into a position where they are able to latch onto the nipple – sometimes it’s just the positioning that matters.

Not all babies will have a problem with gas, but most do, so consider burping your baby during meals even if they are older than three months.

If you are unsure of any symptoms your baby may be showing, always consult a doctor or nurse.