Don’t delay cleaning the doodoo in the diaper

2 Aug 2018

  1. Even parents of more than one kiddie could use some helpful hints when it comes to dirty nappies and how to handle them. Here are some tips and best practices for dealing with those nasty nappy changes.

How often is too often?

Can you actually change a baby’s diaper too often? The amount of times that your baby may need to be changed varies depending on a number of factors.

Many parents tend to change their baby six to eight times a day during the first couple of days after birth. Fortunately a few days after your baby is born, his or her bowel movements will become less frequent, however you will need to continue to change them as often as needed if your baby has filled the nappy.

Changing baby’s diaper as soon as they’ve made a poo is best practice and should be followed as best as you can. When it comes to urination, smaller babies tend to wee more frequently than larger babies, which can result in the need to change a diaper as often as eight or nine times  a day.

Make sure baby is always dry by checking their nappy before and after feeding, as well as before you put them down to sleep. A wet nappy left over an extended period of time can cause a range of health problems for your baby.

How often should you change at night?

At night baby’s diaper should be changed only after a poo, so as not to disturb their sleep multiple times a night, but if the nappy leaks, it’s probably an indication that the size nappy you are using is incorrect.

It’s best to wash baby before trying to put them down to sleep at night, but it’s not essential to wash them after every wee – simply wipe baby down with a Cuddlers baby-friendly wet wipe.

At Cuddlers, we know each situation and baby is unique and that what works for one parent and child might not work for another. The most important thing to remember is to keep your child as fresh and clean as possible.