7 fun crafts to do with your children

2 Aug 2018

Did you know that by using household items, you can make a range of creative items and art pieces with your children? So start looking around your house and let those creative juices flow!

Here are some great ideas for you to get started:

  1. You can use cut potatoes or corks to create stamps. Simply paint the cork or potato and press it on a piece of paper. Old sponges also make great waves and lids create the perfect outline for planets.
  2. Set up the dining table with loads of glue, paint, paper and felt pens, as well as cheap and interesting bits and pieces. Let the kids create colourful and decorative pieces to hang in their bedrooms or around the house.
  3. Make your own DIY wrapping paper by decorating sheets of paper with lines, dots and other patterns. Your little ones can get creative and you’ll always have personalised wrapping paper for gifting.
  4. Play dough is always a ton of fun; and even better when it’s non-toxic and kid-friendly. Simply add 1 tbsp of oil; 1 cup flour; 2 tsp cream of tartar; 1 cup water; ½ cup salt; and enough food colouring to colour the entire mixture. Cook it all in a pot over a low heat until it sticks together. Knead on a floured board until you have the perfect consistency and your child will enjoy hours of playing with homemade play dough.
  5. Cover a balloon or a plate in paper-mâché, leave it to dry and paint the next day. Once it’s dry your toddler can paint it and cut a hole in the top to create a piggy bank or a fearsome monster to play with.
  6. Making jewellery out of tinfoil is quick, easy and fun. Mould and twist the foil into shapes to make different jewellery pieces.
  7. Sock puppets never get old, so find those old socks and give them new life. Stick on a pair of googly eyes or simply draw eyes and a mouth with a marker to create a new friend.